Manufacturing Nebraskas Future DIscussion Sponsored by CED and NE Chamber

Driving Nebraska's Future Towards       Industry 4.0

Lean into Industry 4.0 in Columbus, Nebraska

The Nebraska Chamber & CED | Industrial Solutions Network are partnering together to host an event to accelerate the knowledge and adoption of Industry 4.0 in order to protect our Nebraska Manufacturing Community from the threats of today and the increasingly advanced competition of tomorrow. 

Industry 4.0, commonly referred to as smart manufacturing, digital manufacturing or, most boldly, the 4th industrial revolution, is often framed as an inevitable and completely transformational shift in the way everyday goods are produced and delivered. But what exactly is industry 4.0 and, what makes it so transformational? 


Ever since the advent of the steam engine in the first industrial revolution one thing has become clear, prolonged economic growth always coincides with large scale productivity improvements in manufacturing. Yet, following the 3rd industrial revolution of the 1970s, during which basic automation methods became prevalent, there hasn’t since been a large-scale change in manufacturing methods and consequently, economic growth has steadily declined since this era. As such, current manufacturing facilities still largely emulate those of 50 years ago as disruptive innovation has seemingly passed around the industry in the past decades. As a result, today’s manufacturing sector is designed around large-scale single product facilities which, in a business climate now burdened by worker shortages, increasing labor costs, and supply chain rigidities, are becoming unsustainable. 


Clearly, large scale innovations are needed in manufacturing to adapt to the current business climate and Industry 4.0 promises to be the technological overhaul the industry needs. Put simply, Industry 4.0 is a term used to describe the long overdue convergence of novel disruptive technologies with the manufacturing sector and is key to the advancement of the manufacturing industry.

Our focus with this event is to help manufacturing leaders who see change is not only necessary, but is essential for the longevity of their business. Addressing the challenges, opportunities, and pulling together the local resources that are here to support you and your journey.


May 11th, 2022
Central Community College
Columbus, NE


Learn from disruptive technology leaders covering a variety of topics:


·        Handling the Industrial Revolution

·        Addressing Workforce Shortage Solutions

·        Cybersecurity Through an Executive’s Lens