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Neapco Makes Their Biggest Improvement in 20 Years with Lighting Upgrade


Neapco makes drivelines systems and components for the top vehicles on the market. Their operation doesn’t quit. Lighting though can be an after-thought, well, until it isn’t. You look up and there are some lights out here and there. It seems darker then you once thought and get concerns from inventory pickers on seeing labels. You know your lighting is older and there is new lighting available that saves energy and cost, but is it worth the time, money and work to replace it now?

Neapco asked those questions and worked with CED Omaha for the answer.

Neapco was looking for:

  • Energy savings and more dollars to the bottom line to invest in workforce & production.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Better lighting for tasks, inventory picking and outdoor safety



CED came in and performed a lighting audit for the entire facility based on the questions Neapco was asking. Neapco had metal halides as high bay lighting in their production buildings and warehouses, with fluorescents as task lighting and offces spaces. With this they experienced outages, inconsistent lighting and non-preferred light levels. Neapco didn’t know exactly what energy and money they were possibly losing, but knew there were better options that saved energy. CED also researched possible rebates that are applicable with local utilities.CED found that Neapco and their lighting upgrade was eligible for the rebates that reduced their cost of replacement even more.



  • Layout - CED created a layout to optimize the light and installation.
  • Lighting - As a team, replaced all the high-bay building lighting, strip task lighting, as well as the office and outdoor building lighting
  • Rebates - Worked with Neapco and local utilities through-out to get their maximum rebates.

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