CED Nebraska Changes Name to Rensenhouse

CED locations in Omaha, Lincoln, Columbus, and Norfolk will be changing our name to Rensenhouse, starting January 2, 2024. 


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Starting January 2nd, 2024

CED locations in Omaha, Lincoln, Columbus, and Norfolk will be changing our name to
Rensenhouse, starting January 2nd, 2024.

While this transition doesn't involve any change in ownership, it signifies our effort to align our brand with our unwavering commitment to supporting you. Our way of doing business remains unchanged – we will continue supporting you LOCALLY through our people, partners, and technology. 


As we make this transition we will continue our ongoing dedication to WORKING LOCAL with local inventory, project management, technical consulting and support through our exceptional team, experience and partnerships. While the name may have evolved, the way we do business remains the same; now bolstered by the collective strength of WORKING TOGETHER with the Rensenhouse network of locations.



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Building Upon the Existing Foundation

At Rensenhouse, we are focused on building upon the existing foundation of our partnerships in Commercial construction, Industrial MRO, and OEM solutions by adding the full Rockwell Automation line of hardware and software with an extensive offering of services from Rockwell, and our own AIMM Services.

WORKING TOGETHER with Rensenhouse and our extensive partner network of industrial solution providers means you benefit from significant investments into service innovations, digital tools, and technology training. You also gain access to our curated network of trusted and established system integrators and solution partners, as well as leading partners in related technologies.

As we move forward

We will continue to expand our portfolio of robust automation, controls, information and manufacturing solutions, just as we've successfully done in our other territories across the United States. No matter the change, Rensenhouse remains your trusted local partner, committed to evolving and empowering you to build your community strong while navigating the ever-changing construction and manufacturing landscape.

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