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Manufacturing is moving fast. But what you need, who can help and where you start can be uncertain. Find your unique solution with local partners, experts and inventory, dedicated to helping you be confident you have the right solution.
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CED Elizabethtown

CED Elizabethtown is one of the leading suppliers of industrial electrical products, automation, solutions, and services in the area. We have partnered with premier manufacturers and people in the industry. Together, we are driving integrated solutions that help accelerate implementation, improve reliability, and successfully implement solutions through optimized automation, electrical, safety, and network products and services. Our extensive in-stock, local inventory and local support enable us to create a seamless experience every time. Knowledgeable CED team members ensure satisfaction with every transaction from simple product selection to custom designed projects. By combining our extensive knowledge, strategic partnerships, and local support we are able to provide unparalleled service and comprehensive solutions to our customers.

Asset Management & Infrastructure Solutions

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Modernize your Facility

Manufacturing is moving fast. To keep up to speed with increasing demand, changing customer needs and rising operational costs, facilities must embrace and implement new technologies to stay ahead of the competition and ensure future, long-term success.

Your Trusted Partner to Bridge your OT with your IT

Networking Solutions

Connecting the data and information from your OT environment and devices with your IT infrastructure allows you to make data-driven decisions.

We bring together our combination of plant floor experience, our network assessment and design expertise, our trusted technology and delivery partners, and localized support to be your trusted partner to bridge your OT with your IT.

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