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CED Elizabethtown

CED Elizabethtown is one of the leading suppliers of industrial electrical products, automation, solutions, and services in the area. We have partnered with premier manufacturers and people in the industry. Together, we are driving integrated solutions that help accelerate implementation, improve reliability, and successfully implement solutions through optimized automation, electrical, safety, and network products and services. Our extensive in-stock, local inventory and local support enable us to create a seamless experience every time. Knowledgeable CED team members ensure satisfaction with every transaction from simple product selection to custom designed projects. By combining our extensive knowledge, strategic partnerships, and local support we are able to provide unparalleled service and comprehensive solutions to our customers.

Asset Management & Infrastructure Solutions

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CED is excited to host the 3rd annual Industrial Solutions Expo in Louisville, KY. Tap into a wealth of industry knowledge by visiting over 60 vendor booths on the show floor, learn from industry experts in 25 different technical sessions and experience products and software from Rockwell Automation in our free hands-on labs.

Don't trust your network with just anyone.

Your network is unique and critical, so working with experienced and certified industrial network consultants is important in having confidence that you are protected against future attacks.

Fiix Maintenance Software

Take your maintenance digital. Be proactive.


Take a proactive, digital, approach to your maintenance and see how maintenance software like Fiix can cut costs, boost uptime by reducing reactive maintenance by 54%

Fiix - a Computerized Maintenance Management Software CMMS - helps maintenance and operations teams schedule, organize and track equipment maintenance digitally, connect to business and storeroom management systems, to make data-driven decisions - while leveraging the power of AI.


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