As your operations evolve, so should your safety program.

Our suite of safety technology and service solutions will help ensure your workforce is protected from hazards. 
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Nothing is more important than the safety of your employees. 

Whether you're working in a manufacturing plant, construction site, or any other industrial environment, ensuring the well-being of your employees and protecting valuable assets is non-negotiable. That's why we're here to help.


With years of experience and expertise in industrial safety, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that prioritize the welfare of your workforce and promote a culture of safety throughout your organization. We believe that every worker deserves to return home safely at the end of the day, and we strive to make that a reality.


From risk assessments and safety audits to customized training programs and cutting-edge safety technology, we have you covered at every step. Our aim is to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies necessary to mitigate risks, prevent accidents, and foster a secure work environment.


Browse through our offerings, connect with our specialists, and let us help you strengthen your commitment to industrial safety. Your employees are your most valuable asset, and their safety is our top priority.

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We have a team of experienced technology and services specialists that can help you navigate every step of your safety journey.

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Employee Safety & Training

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Foster Employee Safety & Growth Through Proper Training & Procedures

Are you confident your employees are properly protected against potential electrical hazards in your facility? 

Do you have a process to review your safety procedures on an annual basis?We can help you protect your most important asset — your employees!

Workplace Safety Check

Safety Training

Do you have a documented process for training and growth of new and current employees? 

We can help ensure that your employee safety training is up-to-date, covering areas such as arc flash certification, TÜV Rheinland functional safety, product safety and more.  

Arc Flash Certification Training

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Improve Safety & Maximize Compliance

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NEW 2023 Lockout/Tagout Requirements

The 2023 edition of NFPA 70B set new requirements for lockout/tagout (LOTO) including having documented procedures that are clearly communicated and reviewed annually.

Our partner, Eaton, created a great summary explaining the recent changes.

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Our experienced service specialists will work with you to develop a compliant and efficient LOTO program that protects your employees.

LOTO Solutions


Arc Flash Safety - Protect Your Employees


Did you know that an arc flash incident occurs every 30 minutes in the United States? Don’t let you employees become a statistic. Invest in their safety today with an arc flash analysis conducted by experienced service technicians.

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Electrical Safety Mitigation

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Did you know that inadequate machine guarding is one of the top OSHA violations?

Protect your employees by ensuring your electrical equipment has the necessary safeguards. Let us help assess your safety and provide the technology you need for a safe workplace.

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Safety Preventative Maintenance

Electrical equipment is essential to your plant, but it can also pose a threat to your employees if preventative maintenance isn’t performed regularly.

We have solutions for preventative maintenance such as thermography assessments, power system assessments, switchgear inspection & modernization, variable frequency drive capacitor reforming, fuse audits, safety labeling, emergency lighting and more.

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Building a Proactive Safety Program

Safety Program Management

As operations evolve, so should your safety program.

Your number one asset is your people. We help protect the safety of your people – by accurately assessing risks and implementing systems to mitigate those risks and maximize compliance.

Our specialists and network of industry-leading partners have the resources and expertise to help you create and maintain a safety program that will help minimize safety risks.

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Not sure where to start on your safety journey?

Review our workplace safety checklist for a list of a few things to review during each stage of your safety program process. Our specialists can help guide you through every stage of your safety journey.

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