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Accelerate your modernization journey by utilizing people dedicated to assessing your current state and remediating risk.
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About the Modernization Assessment Program

Modernizing industrial facilities for long-term success amid changing goals, connectivity needs, security risks, and workforce shortages is an ongoing journey, not a destination.
The Modernization Assessment Program uses scalable plant assessments to provide ongoing insights into your facility's current condition, performance, and capabilities.

Through regular Modernization Workshops, the program aligns assessment data with your objectives, creating a tailored modernization plan updated to reflect changes in your journey.

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Lincoln Industries and their Journey to a Modern, Sustainable Facility

A modern story with an age-old problem. Lincoln Industries is a forward-looking company and knows that to compete they need to be automated. To do that, they need to be up-to-date and modernize their equipment and processes.

Learn how they did it and how they didn’t have to go at it alone.

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Assess all areas of your facility.

Your operation's success relies on interconnected technologies in your facility, and a failure in one area can significantly impact others.

The Impact of a Modernization Assessment Program

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Accelerate your modernization.

Time - Accelerate your modernization journey by utilizing people dedicated to assessing your current state and remediating risk.

Resources - Leverage the industry knowledge of our experienced consultants and technology partners to make informed decisions.

Ongoing Partnership - Our local business is built to support the needs of our customers and we are dedicated to your success.

Areas we Assess

Our program is built to analyze all areas of your facility in a way that best suits your needs.


Automation Equipment - Evaluates the lifecycle status of critical automation equipment to prevent downtime.
Power Distribution Equipment - Assesses your system for optimal performance, expansion capacity, and identifies potential risk. 
Inventory Management - Evaluates the processes, systems and strategies to manage critical storeroom inventory.


Cyber - Identifies OT network security gaps and threats and provides a risk profile for your most important assets.
Safety - Offers a top-level analysis of production and machine safety, along with recommendations for improvement.
Workforce - Evaluates the skills and competencies within your workforce to unlock its full potential.

Our Process

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Unlike most standalone assessments which give you a one-time snapshot of where you are, we use an ongoing consultative process to help you create a modernization plan and includes an annual modernization workshops that review areas assessed, provides insight into where you are in your modernization journey, and next steps to get you where you want to be.

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