• Solution for High-Cost, but Critical Parts That you Need On Your Shelves

    Justin Brunken


    What do you do if that critical part is too expensive for stocking, is reliable, yet if it goes bad, your whole line goes down?

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  • What Robot is Right for My Manufacturing Application?


    More manufacturers, big and small, are choosing robotics over hard automation in certain dangerous, dirty and dull applications to help make the process more safe for the workforce or just more efficient. But which type of robot makes the most sense?

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  • Are you throwing away money every month? Lighting Retrofits add more money back to your bottom line.


    Upgrading legacy lighting technology - linear fluorescent, HID, metal halide, etc - to a modern LED and lighting control solution typically saves users more than 50% in lighting-related energy costs.

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  • Connect Diverse Automation Devices and Software Applications to enable IIOT


    Connect Diverse Automation Devices and Software Applications to enable IIOT

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  • Take the complexity out of managing multiple support agreements


    With tight budgets, it can be difficult to go back to purchasing every time a support contract comes up for renewal. Luckily, many of these agreements can be bundled into one Integrated Support Agreement that simplifies renewal, adds additional service and coverage hours, and has a lower overall cost.

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  • To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade

    Justin Brunken


    When it comes to modernizing your automation and electrical equipment, the biggest challenge is simply determining where to start. Luckily, there are tools available to help prioritize, determine ROI, and manage the risk of aging equipment.

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  • Simplify System Implementation with Single Pair Ethernet


    Single Pair Ethernet is the new physical layer technology transforming communications for automation devices. Single pair ethernet (SPE) is designed for devices on the edge in OT applications and serves as the "last mile" connection.

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  • Made By Anyone, Repaired By Us


    Many of the products installed in today's industrial environments can be repaired or even remanufactured to like-new condition. Repairing equipment is a cost-effective way to stretch budgets and avoid having to make costly upgrades when you're not ready.

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