Industrial Cybersecurity Resources

View the cybersecurity resources we have compiled below to better understand the current industrial cybersecurity landscape. 
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Guide to Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

Critical Infrastructure organizations are undergoing digital transformation, digitizing processes, and adopting Internet of Things (IoT) technology to improve efficiency and reliability. The resulting connectivity of operational technology (OT) to the internet and the convergence between OT and IT have created extreme efficiencies, but also new vulnerabilities and exposure to cybersecurity threats.

Rockwell Automation created an online resource guide with more than 80 useful reference links, categorized and described, to provide shortcuts for learning about the evolving Critical Infrastructure threat landscape, the modern industrial cybersecurity practices used for defense, and steps to formulating your own plans and strategies.

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Cybersecurity Preparedness Survey

Attacks on Critical Infrastructure are on the rise. Organizations need to leverage modern industrial security practices to identify preventable breaches and the costly downtime, damage and public safety risks they cause. This quick self assessment tool lets you benchmark your cybersecurity preparedness against results from a recent research survey of Critical Infrastructure security leaders by Rockwell Automation and ISMG.

In under 10 minutes, you’ll learn:
- How well your organization compares to industry peers
- Where your largest gaps are in terms of known best practices in OT cybersecurity
- Recommended steps to prioritize and close gaps

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2022 Critical Infrastructure Research Report

Are You Prepared To Deal With Rising OT Cybersecurity Threats? Read the Rockwell Automation and ISMG research report: Cybersecurity Preparedness in Critical Infrastructure.

 In this research report, you'll learn where organizations are succeeding or failing to deploy key cybersecurity measures, including:
- How to avoid ‘The Big Shutdown.’ According to our 2022 survey, fewer than 1 in 5 organizations perform asset inventory audits frequently enough – allowing cybercriminals to stand up and take down a virtual machine before being detected.
- Which vulnerabilities to shore up first. Common vulnerabilities cited across five NIST Cybersecurity Framework categories can often lead to preventable breaches. 
- Recommended steps to improve cybersecurity posture. Survey respondents and Rockwell Automation experts share insights to help prepare for the future and continuously improve resiliency.

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The Big Shutdown: Cybersecurity Preparedness in Critical Infrastructure Webinar

Experts discuss top cybersecurity gaps and how to address them.

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Other Resources

Free Webinar: An Overview of Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems 

Join this webinar presented by Cisco and the Industrial Solutions Network to learn about cybersecurity trends and how to protect Industrial Control System (ICS) Networks.

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Cybersecurity for Water Utilities Whitepaper by Cisco

This document provides a summary of best practices and key approaches for water utilities to identify cyber vulnerabilities and adopt solutions that result in a reliable and robust security foundation, so that they can ensure public health and operational resiliency.

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Four Common Challenges to DCS Cybersecurity by Rockwell Automation

Explore the common cybersecurity challenges that producers face, and ways to mitigate threats and secure industrial automation systems.

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Resolving the IT/OT Connection Paradox by Rockwell Automation

How do you increase IT/OT convergence while combating increasing cyberthreats? One answer lies in a simple approach focused on secure worker connectivity.

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