ISN Employee stocking shelf in customer storeroom as part of a parts management agreement.

Solution for High-Cost, but Critical Parts That you Need On Your Shelves

Every manufacturing plant and operation is a delicate set of processes and equipment. Almost all have a line that contains critical equipment to keeping that line up and running.

What do you do if that critical part is too expensive for stocking, is reliable, yet if it goes bad, your whole line goes down?

When you have those high-cost, but critical parts that you can't afford to not have on hand, there is a service that can help.

It can help with Inventory reduction, downtown reduction, reducing carrying costs and extend the life of your equipment.

With a Rockwell Automation Parts Management Agreement, you can pay a small percentage of the cost of that piece of Allen-Bradley equipment to store at your facility, on your shelf. You will not pay for the part until it is used.

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