Asset & Infrastructure Services

Help for the entire asset lifecycle of your equipment. We reduce costs and optimize productivity by proactively planning and managing your automation and electrical assets – from design to installation, configuration, inventory, upgrades, repairs, and disposal.

Your On-Site Inventory Management Solution

The Industrial Solutions Network of locations is focused on helping the unsung heroes of facilities and manufacturers every step of the way. We provide the tools, the people and the experience to manage your on-site inventory; to have the right amount of money invested in the right products, right when you need it.

Modernization Assessment Program

AIMM Modernization Assessment program graphic

Assess the lifecycle status of your critical assets and create a path to a more modernized facility.

The Modernization Assessment Program uses scalable plant assessments to provide ongoing insights into your facility's current condition, performance, and capabilities.

Your operation's success relies on the performance of interconnected technologies in your facility, and a failure in one area can significantly impact others.

Through recurring Modernization Workshops, the program aligns assessment data with your objectives, creating a tailored modernization plan updated to reflect changes in your journey.

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Storeroom Management

Storeroom solutions process graphic.

Storeroom Management (VMI, Kitting, Vending, etc.)

Need help managing your Storeroom? Our tailored inventory management program helps you save money, streamline operations and efficiently manage your assets using modern, mobile applications and dashboards designed to give insight into equipment usage and simplify purchasing. Let our Storeroom Solutions team prove that we are the best option for committing to your long-term interests and growth.
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Comprehensive Compressed Air Audit

Do you know the cost of your compressed air system?

Our comprehensive AIMM Services compressed air audit measures the efficiency of your current system and identifies leaks so you can increase your energy efficiency, decrease compressor usage, and reduce costs.
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Rockwell Automation Inventory+ Service Agreements

Reduce costs and improve your maintenance decisions.

Prolong the life of your industrial automation products with a Rockwell Automation Inventory+ service agreement. When you enroll in an Inventory+ service agreement, we help you optimize your inventory, mitigate downtime risk, and gain financial flexibility.  You’ll have access to critical parts on-site at your facility, with backup from our HUBs to offer faster replenishment.

Note: The Rockwell Parts Management Agreement (PMA) has evolved into an Inventory+ Service Agreement.

Inventory Service Agreement User Guide

Asset Optimization Services Brochure
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Installed Base Evaluation

AIMM Services Icon with face and assessment report.

Plan your investments. Know the lifecycle of assets. Pinpoint areas of improvement.

The Installed Base Evaluation™ (IBE®)  service can help you optimize today and plan for tomorrow.


  • Reduce costs by identifying and eliminating excess inventory, which can help improve Return on Net Assets (RONA)
  • Increase uptime by ensuring critical spares are on site to support production and maintenance Identify and mitigate risks associated with supporting older equipment
  • Build a modernization budget after identifying the areas most at lifecycle risk
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Zebra Printer Solutions

Industrial printer issues can drain valuable time and resources across various roles, from operators to IT.

Tackle on-site challenges head-on with our comprehensive Zebra printer solutions, featuring certified repair technicians dedicated to achieving your performance objectives.

Our solutions encompass repair services, site-wide walkthroughs, and comprehensive cataloging of printer networks, alongside tailored RFID solution proposals.

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Rockwell Automation Integrated Service Agreement

Rockwell Automation Integrated Service Agreement

This flexible suite of Rockwell Automation support services enables you to maximize the value of your Rockwell Automation investments across your facility. The three-tiered model allows you to select the right package of offerings to meet your needs. Get foundational services with the Essential tier, a full set of support services with Enhanced, or get data insights and proactive management with the Premier tier.

Integrated Service Agreement User Guide

Asset Optimization Services Brochure

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Extended Warranties

Extended Warranties

Gain added protection and peace of mind with an Extended Warranty from Rockwell Automation. Their Extended Warranty extends and enhances our original factory warranties on your new and existing Allen-Bradley® hardware. Extended warranties are a great way to reduce overall maintenance expenses and quickly obtain replacement parts without the need for separate purchase orders.
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Fiix Maintenance Software by Rockwell Automation

Take your maintenance digital. Be proactive.

Take a proactive, digital, approach to your maintenance and see how maintenance software like Fiix can cut costs, boost uptime by reducing reactive maintenance by 54%


Fiix - a Computerized Maintenance Management Software CMMS - helps maintenance and operations teams schedule, organize and track equipment maintenance digitally, connect to business and storeroom management systems, to make data-driven decisions - while leveraging the power of AI.

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Drive Startup Assistance

Save time and extend your drive warranty with our drive startup service.

AIMM Services can help you meet your production goals with drive start-up assistance. Our trained service technicians help guide you through the setup and installation of new Allen-Bradley® PowerFlex® drives to ensure the equipment performs safely and efficiently.

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Infrared Thermographic Inspections

AIMM technician photo using IR (thermographic inspection) gun

Identify potential failures before they happen.

Regular thermographic inspections of your industrial electrical assets will allow you to identify potential failures and production loss before they become a costly concern for your business.

Our AIMM Services infrared thermographic assessment includes a comprehensive inspection a detailed report, as well as recommendations and support to remediate any issues identified.

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Air Leak Detection

Leaks in compressed air systems are hard to detect.

Our AIMM Services air leak detection service helps you quickly identify those leaks using ultrasonic imaging machines so you can increase your energy efficiency and decrease compressor usage.
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Critical Spare Drive Capacitor Reforming Service

Do you have critical spare Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) that are being stored on your shelf?

Did you know that if a drive is stored for an extended period of time there are components within the drive that can degrade and lead to failure when power is applied?

The AIMM Services critical spare drive capacitor reforming service allows for a pre-qualified variable frequency drive to be readied for installation for when you need it most.

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Rockwell Automation TechConnect™ Support Agreements

Rockwell Automation TechConnect™ Support Agreements

Do you have technical issues that inhibit production performance?

Rockwell Automation TechConnect™ Support Agreements provide you with immediate access to the tools and resources you need to quickly resolve issues, improve training, and streamline software updates.

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Rockwell Automation Remanufacturing Services

Do you know where your parts have been?

Unauthorized repair vendors could introduce unknown risks.

Overall operational efficiency can be compromised when quality is not the priority. Repeat failures due to poor quality can lead to:

  • Increased maintenance costs
  • Decreased equipment uptime
  • Unknown security risks
  • Higher maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) spend

With over 120 years of manufacturing experience, you can trust Rockwell Automation to provide quality repairs when you need them, and Repair+ service agreements to simplify the process!

The Remanufacturing Process

Repair Services Catalog

Asset Optimization Services Brochure

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Repair Service Agreements

Repair and remanufacturing image showing old and new 1336 variable frequency drive.

Effectively manage repair spend with an annual agreement.

To reduce your repair spend and provide more predictability for MRO budgeting, a Rockwell Repair+ service agreement offers additional buying power through bundling your repairs. No individual purchase orders or invoices, and multiple repair service levels to choose from.

Asset Optimization Services Brochure

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Power Distribution System Assessment

graphic for the AIMM Services - Eaton Power distribution system assessment

Your power distribution system is the heart of your facility.

A well-maintained and documented system ensures uptime, safety of personnel, and reduces time to repair. AIMM Services has partnered with Eaton to offer a power distribution reliability and safety assessment that will help you understand the risks surrounding the system and enables you to make informed decisions for a more resilient plant.
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Lighting and Electronic Waste Recycling

Lighting and Electronic Waste Recycling

The disposal of old light bulbs, ballasts, and batteries can be a challenge. Due to the toxic heavy metals and hazardous materials contained within these items, improper disposal can lead to serious environmental and public health concerns. We work with Veolia to offer a variety of cost-effective solutions for large and small quantities of lighting and electronic waste to dispose of them in a compliant and efficient manner.
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Other Services

Manufacturing Technology Services

Modern manufacturing is smart manufacturing. It's the integration of devices, controls and information across the enterprise, connecting the plant, site, facility and the people working there. We can help you get there.

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Support Services

More than just a supplier, we’re a partner to your success; providing you with ideas, solutions, and the support to solve the most demanding automation and electrical challenges.

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E-Business Services

Online access to everything you need to purchase and manage your account when, where, and how you need to support your operation.

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Logistics & Project Management Services

The products you need, when and where you need them. Our dedicated team of professionals takes the challenge out of getting material on-site for your next project.

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Workforce Services

Training and Safety - Your number one asset is your people. Keeping them up-to-date on the latest technology and trends, helps keep them safe and increases efficiency and productivity.

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Energy Services

You need a partner, not just a product. We develop lighting and energy solutions customized for your application. We’re with you through every step of the project - helping you Understand, Audit, Design, and Implement.

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