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Take Your Maintenance Digital. Be Proactive.

Take a proactive, digital, approach to your maintenance and see how maintenance software like Fiix can cut costs, boost uptime by reducing reactive maintenance by 54% Fiix - a Computerized Maintenance Management Software CMMS - helps maintenance and operations teams schedule, organize and track equipment maintenance digitally, connect to business and storeroom management systems, to make data-driven decisions - while leveraging the power of AI.

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Asset Management

Tracks your installed assets for scheduled maintenance automatically, as well as repair history and cost, to hierarchy and parts consumption.

Work Order Management

The #1 work order management software.  

Automates scheduling of maintenance based on installed equipment triggers, with internal billing.

Asset Management Storeroom scanning

Storeroom Management

From work orders to tying into our/your storeroom/repairs management to see what is in stock

GUIDE: 20 Maintenance software benefits

The top 20 benefits of a CMMS has everything you need to know about computerized maintenance management systems and how they can help you hit your targets.

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ARTICLE: 7 features that can eliminate your maintenance headaches

Read about common maintenance issues that you may be facing and 7 things a CMMS can do to help tackle them.

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Tom's Story

Read how Tom Dufton of Perth County Ingredients reduced their reactive maintenance by 54% with Fiix

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