Asset Management and Infrastructure

From install and storage to maintenance and disposal, be prepared and get the most out of your installed equipment and investment.

Asset Management and Infrastructure

The quality, life and availability of your equipment is critical to the your up-time, cost, waste, time-to-market and efficiency of your operation. Your facility's installed components, assets, spare parts, and equipment are your physical operation. How you manage and maintain your equipment and operations can be critical to your success and optimization of your investment.

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Asset Management and Infrastructure Solutions

Equipment Lifecycle Management

Solutions to manage the lifecycle of your assets.

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Equipment and inventory management solutions for the entire lifecycle of your parts - from new, to installed, to repairs, maintenance and disposal. With inventory, tools and services local and tailored to the facilities we work with, we can help optimize your investment and keep your operation running.


  • Repairs
  • Extended Warranties
  • Support Agreements
  • Drive Startup Assistance
  • Asset Reliability Services
  • Thermographic Inspections
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs

Technology Migration Path Strategies

Solutions to develop a modernization plan for the future.

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You know modernizing your plant is important. You've seen the numbers, and know that change is inevitable in a rapidly changing industrial landscape; but, when and how you do it is what makes the difference. When you are ready to upgrade equipment and processes due to end of life or needed technology capability, we can help assess, plan and provide what you need. Understanding the current state of your installed base is critical to developing a plan for the future.


  • Modernization Assessment
  • Drive Startup Assistance
  • Legacy Controls Upgrade


Storeroom and Spares Management

Comprehensive solutions to manage your storeroom.

Photos from lumber mill collected during Fiix implementation, Britni Dillard has release forms for everyone in the photos

Your storeroom is more than just your on-hand inventory, so we offer more than just an inventory management system. Our program delivers a tailored inventory management solution that helps you save money, streamline your ordering process, gain valuable insight into your on-hand inventory and how it is being utilized, and efficiently manage your assets. So you have the inventory you need, when you need it. 

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  • Storeroom Management
  • Parts Management Agreements
  • Critical Spare Drive Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Industrial Repairs Program
  • Power Breaker Reconditioning
  • Lighting and Electronic Waste Recycling
  • Tools and Apps to Manage Inventory


Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure Development

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Nobody has time to do things twice - a solid plan is a must. Our Solution Consultants, Technicians, and Ecosystem Partners can help you design and implement products and project management to help you successfully build your industrial and manufacturing infrastructure.



  • Ecosystem of application experts to help define the products and technologies needed
  • Modernization Assessments
  • Network Assessments and Security Posture Surveys
  • Machine Level Network Design
  • Project Management
  • Technical Support Contracts


Storeroom solutions inventory management setup at customer site

Digital Apps to Help You Manage Your Storeroom

Our mobile DART app makes replenishing your stockroom a breeze. Using our barcoded inventory system, you can scan and transmit a replenishment order into our system in a matter of minutes. You control the minimum and maximum quantities of each product on your shelf and have access to helpful dashboards showing usage so you can tailor your storeroom solution to fit your needs.

Your On-Site Inventory Management Solution

The Industrial Solutions Network of locations is focused on helping the unsung heroes of facilities like Facebook and other large manufacturers, every step of the way. We provide the tools, the people and the experience to manage your on-site inventory; to have the right amount of money invested in the right products, right when you need it.
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