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Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing and technology are evolving rapidly and the need to be more efficient, productive and safe is increasingly important. Modern manufacturing is smart manufacturing – it’s the integration of devices, controls and information across the enterprise that connects the plant, site, facility and people. This requires both operational and secure informational technology working together.

Rapidly advancing technologies give manufacturing companies the data and capabilities to significantly improve overall operational efficiency. Our knowledgeable team of sales, technology and services consultants and our diverse partner ecosystem allows us to provide the solutions you need so you can manufacture with confidence.

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Network Consulting

Experts to help with your networking needs.

Our, dedicated, manufacturing technology specialists consult with you to understand your needs and future goals and identify solutions to help you get to where you want to be.

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Solutions to protect your connected industrial plant network.

Securing your industrial network is not a one-time, quick process; it is a journey to ensure your facility is protected as your operations and cyberattacks evolve. We use best practices to help you see all aspects of your OT network and build the right security policies.

We Specialize in Industrial Cybersecurity of the OT with the IT in Mind
We know that cybersecurity for industrial facilities is unique and complex. Our wide range of products, services and solutions enables us to help ensure your facility is protected.

Our, dedicated, certified network specialists consult with you to help identify your cybersecurity threats and develop a customized plan to ensure your facility is protected today and in the future.

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Factory Floor Automation & Process Controls

Solutions to help stay competitive and meet production goals.

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Every factory and manufacturer is looking to achieve their production goals, produce quality products, meet customer demands and stay ahead of the competition. That starts with the right automation and process controls system. We can help design, develop and deliver the most efficient industrial automation system that is right for your operation to meet your goals.

Technology Migration Strategies
Companies with an established installed base of legacy technologies don’t have to miss out on the increased benefits that newer technology brings. Migration solutions have come a long way and a number of tools are available to help migrate to newer technology, either in a phased approach or all at once.


  • Application and Technology Domain Experts
  • Solution Partnerships
  • Process Control Solutions
  • Automation Solutions


OT Communication and Network Support

Solutions to assess, design & secure industrial plant networks.

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Connected smart manufacturing creates new visibility into your processes. With plants and processes becoming more connected and information driven, you need a strong and secure industrial network architecture and communication foundation.

Our team of network specialists can help select the technology and service solutions to help ensure your network can support your current and future needs. 



  • Network Assessments, Design, Implementation and Management
  • Remote Monitoring and Analytics
  • Factory Floor Network Monitoring
  • Virtualization
  • Network Security


IT / OT Convergence Strategies

Solutions to support a connected plant.

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The interconnectivity of your physical manufacturing systems and processes with back-end hardware and software is integral to future operations as we move into the fourth industrial revolution – driven data, the Internet of Things (IOT), increased cybersecurity needs, and machine learning. It is crucial to think about the plant-floor with the IT in mind.

How well do the IT department and the plant floor understand each other’s priorities? To truly build a connected plantwide enterprise, IT and OT have to work together seamlessly. But with differing priorities, how do you make that work? IT/OT convergence technologies and strategies are helping companies bridge the gap to truly enable smart manufacturing.

We can bridge the gap together with consulting, services and technology. Contact our experienced team to determine the best IT (Informational Technology) and OT convergence strategy for your facility.



  • Network Consultations
  • Cybersecurity Gaps and Threat Identification and Remediation
  • Industrial Data Center Network Services
  • Network Design & Troubleshooting


OT Information Visualization and Contextualization

Solutions to understand and act on plant data.

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Manufacturing equipment and processes today are producing ever increasing amounts of data. You need a way of turning that data into usable information and getting that information to the right person to drive production efficiency and profitability.



  • Factory Floor Network Monitoring
  • Network Virtualization Services


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Where are you on your networking journey? DO you have a newly-developed network? Do you have an established network that you need help managing or optimizing?

Whether you are looking to set up or design a new network, need help troubleshooting issues and managing IP addresses, or just need help setting a plan to get to a desired future state, we have solutions that can help.

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