As your operations evolve, so should your safety program.

Our suite of safety technology and service solutions will help ensure your workforce is protected from hazards. 

Nothing is more important than the safety of your employees. How can you help ensure your safety program adequately protects them?

Employee Safety & Training
Did you know that improper or misuse of PPE accounts for most of the top 10 most-frequently cited OSHA standards?* Are you confident your employees are properly protected against all potential hazards in your facility? Establishing consistent onboarding processes and regular safety training can help you foster employee safety and growth.

Improve Safety & Maximize Compliance
Regular reviews and validation of lockout tagout, machine safety and other safety procedures can help improve both employee safety and regulatory compliance.

Increase Electrical Safety
Did you know that an arc flash incident occurs every 30 minutes in the United States? Are you aware an arc flash analysis is REQUIRED every five years or when changes occur in the electrical distribution system that could affect the results of your previous analysis? Don’t let you employees become a statistic. Invest in their safety today with an arc flash analysis conducted by experienced service technicians

In addition to arc flash assessments, preventative maintenance tasks performed in a timely manner and at regular intervals can help improve the overall electrical safety of your facility.

Build a Proactive Safety Program


Your number one asset is your people. We help protect the safety of your people – by accurately assessing risks and implementing systems to mitigate those risks and maximize compliance.

Not sure where to start on your journey?

Review our workplace safety checklist for a list of a few things to review during each stage of your safety program process.


*Data reported by OSHA for fiscal year 2021.

Local Specialist

We have a team of experienced technology and services specialists that can help you navigate every step of your safety journey. Contact your local account manager or AIMM Services representative to learn more.