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Extend the life of your equipment and maximize your automation investment through our repair and remanufacturing services.

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Automation and Control

The products you need to help you reach your productivity and efficiency goals, improve uptime, and meet the increasingly complex challenges facing manufacturing today.

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The convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) is critical to today's smart manufacturing. Collect, analyze and communicate data from your operations to help make informed decisions critical to your ecosystem.

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More than just Automation products, we stock the products and provide the services that make modern manufacturing possible. Explore our line card and discover the range of products, services and partners that make up our ecosystem to support you.

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From the time power enters your facility to the time it puts in the work at the end device, our products have you covered to help you save energy while getting the power where it needs to go safely and efficiently.

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Protect your most important asset - your people - using innovative, modern safety products designed to help keep everyone safe while also improving machine and process efficiency and productivity.

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Boxes and Enclosures

Products designed for the level of protection your installation environment requires; from commercial, to data comm, to industrial and hazardous locations and everything in between.

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Wire and Cable

Full reels, cut lengths, and innovative products to make circuit management and installation a snap. Our wire and cable products provide you the right solution for your application to improve performance and productivity.

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Wire Installation and Management

A well organized installation and management approach for marking, running and terminating your circuits is the key to reducing installation time and labor costs, reducing future maintenance, and improving troubleshooting and remediation of electrical issues.

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Lighting and Energy

It's about more than just flipping a switch, modern lighting and energy products improve energy efficiency, dependability, and power quality; decrease maintenance; and give you the control needed to tailor solutions for specific tasks and areas of a facility.

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Tools, Testing and Measurement

When you're in the middle of a project, the right installation, analytical, and diagnostics tools help make even the most complicated jobs easier and save installation and troubleshooting times, so you can get back to production faster.

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Plant-Wide SolutionsĀ 

From the moment power comes into your facility to the time your finished product is out the door, we have the products and services to support you plant-wide.