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We are part of the local manufacturing and industrial community. We bring our people, partners, knowledge, products and our services closer to our community of installers, builders and manufacturers. In a world of distribution centers and regional sales offices, we dedicate inventory and manufacturing experts to each market, in your community, with the ability to make decisions locally. We strive to not only know the manufacturing industry, we strive to know your operation. In manufacturing, it's a business of minutes and hours, and you need things when you need them, with the confidence that you made the right decision for your unique operation.

Asset Management & Infrastructure Solutions

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Unleash Industrial Efficiency with Square D

Rensenhouse Kansas City, St. Joseph, and Topeka are now official distributors of Square D by Schneider Electric. This new partnership broadens our offerings with innovative, high-quality power distribution, enhancing operational efficiency and reliability for your industrial power needs. Now offering Square D power and Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley control, we now have an even stronger portfolio to support your needs through any challenge. 
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Tackle Safety With A Trusted Partner

In manufacturing plants and other industrial environments, employee safety and asset protection are critical. That’s where we come in. Limited time, resources, and changing code regulations can make it hard to reach your safety goals.

Let’s tackle it together. 

State of Smart Manufacturing Report

Learn how more than 1000 leading manufacturers view today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities.

  • GenAI was listed as #1 in the Top 10 new investment areas over the next 12 months
  • 95% of manufacturers said they are using or evaluating smart manufacturing technology
  • Cloud/SAAS topped the list for technology that drives the greatest ROI

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