MADE HERE: A podcast and video series

A series focused on those that drive manufacturing forward, which drives the city they are a part of. We bring their stories to you.

Manufacturing Happy Hour interviews and shares the stories of some of the best manufacturers, OEMs, integrators and local solution providers in our communities, from around the country.   
Brought to you by the Industrial Solutions Network

Made Here: Louisville

We tell the stories of the power of manufacturing in our communities, starting with Louisville.  

Interview Episode 1: Amatrol

Listen as we sit down with Kent Powell of Amatrol and how they are shaping the manufacturing future by training those that are building Louisville and America.

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Interview Episode 2:  Opus Integration

You may be quite familiar with bourbon, which is central to Louisville's culture and industry, but you may not be as familiar about how modern and data centric it has become.

Bourbon demand is higher than ever and keeping up is tough.  Watch and listen to how Opus Integration is helping Heaven Hill modernize to keep up.

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Made Here: Welcome to Louisville

Our locations and partners are a part of every community we work in and our customers, who are making things, are an integral part of that community and what drives it.  We are telling their stories, our story of the manufacturing community of Louisville.  We are joined by Amatrol who are shaping the future of the manufacturing workforce, Opus Integration who are bring the bourbon industry into the 21st century, to E&H of the Industrial Solutions Network that is the glue of building and supporting this community.

Listen to the Podcasts with Amatrol and Opus Integration

Listen to how Kent Powell and Amatrol are shaping the future of the manufacturing workforce (Episode 159) and how Opus Integration is modernizing the bourbon process (Episode 162).

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Find the full video interviews and their condensed stories as we walk their facility and find out how they are changing the industry and culture in Louisville

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Made in Louisville


We tour their facility and sit down with Kent Powell of Amatrol to learn how they are changing lives, training the workforce that helps build Louisville and beyond.

Amatrol is the world's leader in skills-based, interactive technical learning.

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Opus Integration

We walk the Heaven Hill Distillery in Louisville and sit down and talk to Don and Scott of Opus Integrations on what bourbon means to this community and how they are transforming how it's made and how they help who makes it.

Opus Integration is a systems integration company located in Buckner, KY.

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E&H Louisville

We site down and walk the aisles with Nate of E&H of Louisville to talk on what makes a modern solutions provider and how they are helping the whole manufacturing community thrive and manufacture in the modern landscape.

Interview and videos coming soon. Expected release: Dec. 12, 2023

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Manufacturing Happy Hour

The Industrial Solutions Network has partnered with Manufacturing Happy Hour to help tell the stories of our partners and our manufacturing communities.  

Chris has been making manufacturing current, cool and approachable 1 pint and 1 conversation at a time.