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Our versatile, easy-to-use E-Learning platform makes it easy to build foundational knowledge, fill skills gaps, and grow employee skills and certifications.  
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Assess and train your workforce with ease.

Do you have skills gaps within your industrial facility?
Do you need help getting new employees up to speed as quickly as possible?
Would you like to be able to maximize the skillset of current employees?

We partnered with Amatrol, a leader in skills-based, interactive technical learning to build an industry-leading training program - AIMM E-Learning.  

Maximize skill development and guide employees to the greatest levels of advancement in their field utilizing our robust platform with interactive, engaging trainings.

Our offering was built around the Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA)’s industry-leading professional certification courses.* The dynamic collection of micro-credentials and associate and specialist training paths will allow you to fulfill the requirements to become SACA certified in the area(s) of your choice.**

*SACA Certifications available for the majority of our offerings. For more information click here.
**Certificate of completion will be available for all micro-credentials and certifications. In order to receive SACA professional certification an additional test and fee will be required.


  • Role-based training paths
  • Interactive, engaging trainings
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Industry certifications available
  • Quickly Identify & remedy skills gaps
  • Expand the skillset for employees
  • And more!


This offering is currently only available in the Louisville, KY market. If you are interested in being notified when it is released in other markets join our notification list

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E-Learning Subscription Cost and Benefits

Train your workforce with ease with our Pro and Custom E-Learning Subscription. Our E-Learning subscriptions provide unlimited access to the courses you need for your employees. Simply pay the base subscription price and for the number of seats you require.  One of the greatest benefits of our subscriptions are team skills assessments. The skills assessments help provide an accurate view of the skill level for selected employees in custom, pre-selected subject areas. They are ideal to help identify where training gaps may exists for new employees. 
Pro Subscription
Base Price $2,400
Price Per Seat $1,200
SACA Certification Cost Included
Skills Assessments Included Up to 50
Term 1 Year
Ideal for 0-10 Employees


Custom Subscription

If you have more than 10 employees you would like to train please contact us so we can provide a custom price that suits your needs. All of the benefits of the Pro Membership are included in addition to a custom number of skills assessments.

*Micro-credential and associate trainings may be purchased individually at full retail. For individual pricing please contact us.
For Additional Pricing Contact Us

What is the Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA)? 

SACA Overview

Industry 4.0 technology is rapidly transforming the workplace. As companies increase their use of Ethernet networks and Internet technology, they are connecting more devices, from smart sensors to smart phones, enabling them to reduce downtime and increase quality and productivity. These highly connected systems require new skills in almost every occupation, which include the ability to interact with software, data, networks, and smart devices.

Many certifications are available today that address isolated competencies, from machining to maintenance and IT, but SACA certifications are different. They certify “connected systems” skills that address the integration of these technologies with Industry 4.0 technology.

The Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to develop and deploy modular Industry 4.0 certifications for a wide range of industries.

Our vision is to provide highly affordable, accessible certifications that significantly increase the number of individuals who possess the skills represented by these credentials, thereby ensuring that companies have the highly skilled workers they need, and individuals are prepared to be successful in an Industry 4.0 world.

With the help our partners, SACA has created certifications that are industry-driven, developed for industry by industry. They are developed through a rigorous process that begins with the creation of truly international skill standards, endorsed by leading experts in Industry 4.0 technologies throughout the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AIMM E-learning Questions and Answers

Q: Why use e-Learning over in-person training?

• No Travel for Training
• Virtual Simulators
• Track Skill Level
Skills-based assessments to identify learning opportunities
• Self-Paced


Q: How can I see what type of e-Learning training is offered through AIMM Services?

Please click here for the AIMM e-Learning Master Course List


Q: I’ve decided the course(s) I want my employee(s) to take. What do I do?

Fill out the contact form here to receive more information from our training team.


Q: If I have an employee leave or complete all the training they need can I transfer a seat? 

Yes, we can transfer a license to another user if needed. To submit that request email [email protected]


Q: How do I check employee’s progress on the training?

  Each employee with an access code will have the ability to go to their account portal and be able to give progress updates to whomever is  requesting them, at any time.


Q: Does the employee receive a completion certificate?

Yes, if the employee successfully passes all the lessons in a particular course, they can print a certificate.


Q: When can I start taking my courses?

After you have signed up, you will receive an activation email from AIMM Services. This email will include your activation code as well as lead you to the site to register your e-Learning account. You will be able to access the course library for your program and start to take the courses that you have signed up to complete.


Q: How long do I have to take the course(s)?

You will have access to the course(s) for 12 months from the date you first use your activation code.


Q: How does AIMM E-Learning compare to Learning+?

Learning+ is product-based training for Rockwell Automation Products while AIMM E-Learning is focused on skills-based trainings.


Q: What if someone needs some help during the course?

If you need technical assistance email [email protected].


Q: Are CEUs available?

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are not currently offered through the e-Learning program. If you are partnered with an educational institution, CEUs could be available through some of their programming, but that determination lies with the institution.


Q: What happens when my subscription runs out and I haven’t finished the course/ certification?

If a license expires before someone is finished with the course we will give the option to renew their agreement and extend their license so they can complete the course. Progress can be carried over for multiple years.


Q: How do I get SACA certified and take the tests?

After completing your course(s), you will have the ability to sign up on our testing schedule for a SACA testing session from the list of available testing dates.


Q: What if I want to receive SACA Gold Certification?

We currently do not offer the Gold level SACA certifications. GOLD level SACA certifications are available, and will require an additional hands-on lab,  and gold level testing. These tests will be performed by a local third-party partner (community college or other educational facility).


Q: What are the Computer Requirements to use e-Learning with AIMM Services?

- The following are the minimum required system specifications to access all features on the LMS: Please note to use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome for best results.

• For Windows devices:
o Windows 10 64-bit (may function under previous versions/different operating systems, but testing & support limited to Windows 10)
o Sound card (or onboard sound)
o Video card (or onboard video) with WebGL support
o 64-bit Browser with WebGL 2.0 support
o Broadband Internet access (DSL/Cable/T1) capable of 1 Mbps

• For Mac devices:
o macOS 64-bit (may function under different operating systems, but testing & support limited to 64-bit macOS)
o Sound card (or onboard sound)
o Video card (or onboard video) with WebGL support
o 64-bit Browser with WebGL 2.0 support
Recommended browser: Firefox
o Broadband Internet access (DSL/Cable/T1) capable of 1 Mbps

• For Chromebooks:
ChromeOS 64-bit
o Sound card (or onboard sound)
o Video card (or onboard video) with WebGL support
o 64-bit Browser with WebGL 2.0 support
o Broadband Internet access (DSL/Cable/T1) capable of 1 Mbps

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