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Veregy and Industrial Solutions Network Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize the Industrial Sector

A collaboration set to bring innovative energy solutions and enhanced efficiency to the industrial landscape.

Phoenix, Arizona – January 18, 2024 - Veregy, a leading provider of energy-efficient solutions, and the Industrial Solutions Network, a CED company and prominent name in the industrial sector, are excited to announce a strategic partnership to transform the industrial sector through innovative energy solutions.

Veregy stands at the forefront of energy efficiency and sustainable solutions, offering cutting-edge services that span from distributed energy solutions to energy efficiency upgrades, AI for process improvements, and intelligent plant energy management systems. With a strong commitment to reducing carbon footprint and accelerating the energy transition, Veregy has established itself as a leader in the energy sector, delivering impactful results across various industries.

The Industrial Solutions Network, part of CED, one of the largest industrial value-added reseller in the country is renowned for its comprehensive solutions in the industrial space, encompassing everything from automation and intelligent manufacturing to electrical supply chain management. With a rich history and a forward-thinking approach, the Industrial Solutions Network has consistently provided top-tier services and products, driving innovation and excellence in the industry.

The Partnership:
This groundbreaking partnership between Veregy and the Industrial Solutions Network is set to leverage each company's strengths to deliver unparalleled energy solutions to the industrial sector. The collaboration is focused on integrating Veregy's expertise in energy efficiency with the Industrial Solutions Network’s extensive manufacturing technology and operational knowledge, creating a synergy that promises to elevate industry standards.

Veregy’s industrial energy expertise combined with the Industrial Solutions Network’s portfolio allows both companies to accelerate the Energy Transition within the Industrial sector and achieve ambitious sustainability goals. The partnership is expected to usher in a new era of energy efficiency and sustainability in the industrial sector. It will focus on implementing eco-friendly energy practices, optimizing resource use, and reducing operational costs. Specific initiatives will include advanced energy audits, implementing renewable energy sources, and introducing smart plant technologies. 

“The Industrial Solutions Network works to provide the best solutions for our manufacturing clients as we help them to be more efficient, sustainable, and intelligent on how they operate and get them to where they want to be. It takes a network of partners to help design and deliver these full solutions and we look to partners that are industry leaders and Veregy is an industry leader that can help us deliver sustainable solutions.” – Brandon Bernier, Director, Market Access, Industrial Solutions Network of CED.

Looking ahead, Veregy and the Industrial Solutions Network are committed to developing innovative solutions and fostering a culture of sustainability within the industrial sector. The partnership plans to engage in various projects and events, details of which will be announced in the upcoming months. Follow Veregy and the Industrial Solutions Network on socials for future announcements.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey towards a more energy-efficient and sustainable industrial future. Veregy and Industrial Solutions Network are set to redefine industry standards, paving the way for a greener, more efficient world. 

Veregy is an award-winning NAESCO-accredited decarbonization company focusing on accelerating and simplifying the Energy Transition. We provide turnkey engineering and construction services designed to reduce our clients’ energy and operating costs by implementing energy efficiency and infrastructure upgrades, smart building technology, fleet EV infrastructure, clean energy generation, and sustainability.  

The Industrial Solutions Network
The Industrial Solutions Network is an interconnected group of manufacturing technology companies working together in a common mission to bring together our people and our ecosystem of technology and delivery partners to help those that make, build, design, and install, unlock their potential and manufacture with confidence.

Vince Esparza 
VP of Marketing and Communications
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Brandon Bernier 
Market Access at the Industrial Solutions Network of CED 
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